Mask Rooma Impeeriumi Eagle Emblem - Vintage Gold-Rooma Impeerium Eagle Sõjaline Impeerium Sümboolika Kuldne Vintage Grunge Rooma Roma Spqr
€9.29 €2.88
Saadavus: On laos

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  • Sugu: MEHED
  • Ohutus standard: PUUDUB
  • Päritolu: Mandri-Hiina
  • Kohandatud/DIY Prindi: Support.(Vaja pilte või teksti salvestada)
  • Materjal: Polüester
  • Muster Tüüp: Prindi
  • Kaitse klass: PUUDUB
  • Toote Tüüp: Mask

Märksõnad: spqr t-särk, astra j opel, nägu mood mask, rooma sõdur, totti, magada aluspesu, bean bag, goth, hetalia särk, mood meeste.

I don't arrived
Arrived I would say very disappointing mask saw the price paid almost 10 euro with free; free dear all the pass included him no. Printing mask not is accurate but fuzzy not it as picture a real merd. Quality mask terrible it sottilissima backlit you see your finger to proof that nn has 5 layers but even 2 Don't suitable x covid with this it as not have her. L filter housing is open to both sides convenient x add ma nn hygienic remaining open albeit internally. I do not recommend buying much better the surgical masks or fp2 found a little higher price this. Give you positive why it arrived but only x the ridge that make on free style Italian furbetti should be negative. We are sure that you both Chinese? Too many styles Italian… by negozietto's and the many that you see near the Vatican Museums in Rome ........ .. But quality's view should venderle to 0.50.
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