NEWYES Dropshipping Kustutatavad märkmepaberit Nahast Korduvkasutatavad Smart Notebook Cloud Storage Flash-mälu
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NEWYES Dropshipping Kustutatavad märkmepaberit Nahast Korduvkasutatavad Smart Notebook Cloud Storage Flash-mälu

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NEWYES Smart Kustutatavad Sülearvuti on Korduvkasutatavad Smart Notebook, saate lihtsalt pühkige oma märkmeid niiske lapiga / märja koe, Te saate Kasutada kuni 1000 korda.Töötab CamScanner APP(Android ja iOS), alla Laadida CamScanner APPI, Scan APP store oma märkmeid.Samuti saate koheselt blast oma märkused arvesse pilve teenuseid nagu DropBox, Google Drive, Onedrive, Yandex.Ketta ja nii edasi.

Pool otsustas, paber, Pool tühi paber, mis sobib ideaalselt kirjutamine ja joonistamine.Sobib üliõpilastele, lastele, kunstnik, arhitekt ja nii edasi.

Märkus : Me soovitame kasutada Pilot FriXion Pliiatsid Smart Korduvkasutatavad Sülearvuti, sulepead ei ole Soovitatav.


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Ärge muretsege, see on arusaamatus, pls võtke punast vaha kihi alates riiklik rakendusasutus, siis pliiats on ok, pls proovige seda teha, aitäh.Taotluse stseen(Inspireeriv ,Laste Loovuse,Hoone,Märkus)

Korduvkasutatavad Sülearvuti, saate lihtsalt pühkige oma märkmeid kasutades oma niiske lapiga, märja koe või kustutaja.

Töö CamScanner APP, mida saab alla laadida CamScanner APP telefoni.

Smart notebook.Scan CamScanner APP store oma märkmeid, Lööklaine oma märkmed google docs, dropbox, iCloud, Evernote, kast ja e-posti.

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Pool otsustas, paber, Pool tühi paber, mis sobib nii kirjutamine ja joonistamine

õmblusmaterjalid disain rohkem tunde, kvaliteet , kvaliteetne nahast

metallist lahtiste lehtedega spiraal võib olla paindliku lammutamine

Paberi suurus: A5(5.8 x 8.3 tolline, 147 x 210 mm).Kaane suurus: 6.8 x 9.1 tolline, 173 x 230 mm High-end välimus, materjal on vastupidav nahast, 4 värvi valida.Komplekti kuulub: 1 * Smart Korduvkasutatavad Sülearvuti , 1 * polit frixion pliiats, 1 * riie

  • Funktsioon 8: mikrolaine sülearvuti
  • Kvaliteeti: AAA+
  • Toote nimetus: korduvkasutatavad smart nahast sülearvuti
  • Surve Tase: käsikiri
  • Mudeli Number: Smart korduvkasutatavad nahast sülearvuti
  • Funktsioon 5: Sülearvuti
  • Lehtede värv: Valge
  • Funktsioon 3: smart notebook
  • Päritolu: CN(Päritolu)
  • Tugi: Dropshipping Ja Hulgimüük
  • Funktsioon 6: nahast sülearvuti
  • Brändi Nimi: NeWYeS
  • toote suurus: A5
  • Funktsioon 1: korduvkasutatavad sülearvuti
  • Pakett: Jah
  • Värvid: Kollane,Must,Sinine,Roheline
  • Funktsioon 2: kustutatavad sülearvuti
  • Laius: 17.5cm
  • Materjal: kivi, paber
  • Funktsioon 7: laine sülearvuti
  • Funktsioon 4: korduvkasutatavad smart notebook
  • Funktsioon 9: pilv sülearvuti
  • Pikkus: Mõõtmed on 23cm
  • Suurus: A5

Märksõnad: juhul surma märkus, smart home, osa raamat, recurve nahk, teataja nahk, notepad, nahast raamat teataja, tegevuskava, planeerija, dropship.

Ricardo Htx7
Miracle notepad. The notebook is really wonderful. It is stylish, binding from high-quality leatherette with engraving. Seams and joints are ideal. One pocket outside and two large on the inside of the cover, and there are 3 small pockets, which are perfect for cards. Half the sheets are in the line, and half to the point. This makes the notepad ideal for recordings and for drawings. All sheets are removable thanks to sliding chips. It closes all this on the magnet. In the store notepad is presented in 4 colors. I chose in brown colors, as this color did not seem boring to me, at the same time business. In the kit itself, a notepad of A5 format, a special pen, a set of stickers and a napkin for erasing. All this is good in a box. And now the most important thing: a notebook erasable! It can be used many times, and if necessary just remove the necessary places of your records. You can do this with the help of a washing machine on the end of the handle, napkins, which is included, or using a hair dryer
Unrealistically stylish and high-quality notepad from newyes Not when I did not think that I would admire some notebook, but it really deserves it very cool. Firstly bright and stylish, finishing quality leatherette, second many functions reusable, in the third set in itself in the keys the handle, a cloth for erasing stickers for notes. Notepad is presented in 4Z colors, I took a bright pink for my daughter. Of course, this notebook now for the baby is still ranovat, I'll leave it for the future, she will definitely appreciate it. In the notepad there is a purely white striped and a sheet point, a notebook washable. Delivery fast packing is good in a branded box and a protective bag is another instruction in the set. Good notepad I recommend.
Reusable notepad in stylish design. A convenient, practical option, looks decent. Cover made of leather (PU), the quality is excellent, the lines are even. It closes on a magnetic tongue, inside two pockets, several slots for cards, a compartment with a window. On the front part there is one pocket and a loop for the handle. Sheets of A5 format, half in a ruler, half in a graphic cage. Notepad on the rings, that is, you can change the sheets. Includes a pen, colored stickers and a napkin. The inscriptions can be removed with warm air (hairdryer) or a damp cloth. I prefer the last one. To buy I recommend and for a gift too.
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