WOSTU Kõrvarõngad Naistele 925 Sterling Hõbe-Roheline ja Roosa Kuld Pind Kõrvarõngad Orecchini Ehted Kingitused
€5.91 €4.14
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  • Mudeli Number: 925 sterling hõbe kõrvarõngas
  • Tagasi Leidmine: /
  • Brändi Nimi: WOSTU
  • Materjal: 925 Sterling Silver
  • Sugu: NAISED
  • Pool Kivi: PUUDUB
  • Metal Stamp: 925,Nael
  • Sertifikaadi Tüüp: GDTC
  • Sertifikaadi Number: /
  • Päritolu: CN(Päritolu)
  • Metallide Tüüp: HÕBE
  • Stiil: Trendikas
  • Sündmus: Aastapäev, Audit, Kingitus,Pidu,Pulm
  • Peamine Kivi: Tsirkoon
  • Kuju\muster: RING

Märksõnad: ovaalsed rohelised kõrvarõngad, jewelri, 925 sterl hõbe, 925 hõbe, mini cp, canner valmistatud hiinas, charmsy pandora, 925 lill rõngas, kõrva hõbe, kuum seksikas naiste foto.

Belluchi 83
Very good earrings. They are as described. I'm happy with my purchase. Thank you seller. Very good earrings. They are as described. I'm happy with my purchase. Thank you seller. .................... ..........................................................
Earrings received in less than ten days! The package was well packaged! Thank you
Galtrina Ru
Very nice and well made, super fast shipping.
It was supposed to be a birthday present for my sister, but it took 103 days to arrive, and of course it's useless now as her birthday has passed. Really poor quality, stones less green than in the seller's photo, the closure really sucks, they open after a short while you put them on, I tried to adjust the hook to see if it was better but nothing, indeed given the quality it feels under hands it is going to break as soon as you try a little bit to adjust it, and in the product description the seller didn't say how big they were, they are tiny, baby earrings not for women or girls. Also even if it says it's S925 I'm not sure because I tried to wear them, but after a couple of hours the earrings holes starting to itch. I strongly advise against buying them, too high price for really poor quality.
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