Martin saapad naine 2020 daamid vabaaja venitada kangast sokid saapad mood metallist nupp naiste kingad, platvorm saapad gooti naised
€35.21 €21.13
Saadavus: On laos

Kogus *
Lisa ostukorvi

  • Kontsa Kõrgus: Suur (5cm-8cm)
  • Brändi Nimi: Bailehou
  • Boot Tüüp: Põhi
  • Võlli Materjal: Stretch Riie
  • Osakonna Nimetus: Täiskasvanud
  • Ülemine Materjal: PU
  • Kanna Tüüp: Kummaline Stiil
  • Hooaeg: Talv
  • Toote Tüüp: Saapad
  • Varba Kuju: Ring Varvas
  • Platvormide: Jah
  • Moe Element: Metallist Kaunistused
  • Sulgemise Tüüp: Pannal Rihma
  • Saapa Kõrgus: PAHKLUU
  • Välistalla Materjal: Kummist
  • Muster Tüüp: Tahke
  • Päritolu: CN(Päritolu)
  • Sobivus: Sobib tõsi suurus, võtke oma tavaline suurus
  • Mudeli Number: B117
  • Vooder: Polüester
  • Sisetald Materjal: PU

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Shapkin Danil
Perfect Very happy with the purchase
Oleg Shur
Went exactly a month, tracked well, packed were also good! On the boots themselves there is no glue, no thread, no smell! Very neat! Looked reviews and took 38 size at its 37... with a thin toe will go, but with warm already presses! Therefore, take 39 size from whom 37 .... well, one single minus .... this is what, that the sole is not as usual at shoes... well, that is, the sole is usually dense, and this is just a painted foam... it's offensive to impossible! And it's not because of money, but because of what I 've been waiting for, I really wanted this model, I did not specifically take them in the city for 7 thousand, and waited Tipo with savings for 2 from Alika .... it would be better to take for 7 and went satisfied for three years in them, Than for 2 and they are not enough for the season even! And the feeling that this is home slippers! As in them walk on the street, it is not clear!
A little bit small
I 've been waiting for them! Size is small! And does not match the dimensional grid... Not the first time I order shoes-and everything was fine. Is it really difficult to correctly specify the size?! A month went to Ukraine. Quality and design all suits. Very sorry. With the seller did not communicate
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